About Our Parish



We are a Catholic community centered on Christ. This means we worship God and we serve our neighbors in need. The two go together as a response to the greatest commandment to love God and love one another.

Jesus asks a probing question to aspiring disciples in chapter one of John’s Gospel. “What are you looking for?” The Lord gets to the heart of the issue. We are all looking for something; or more intimately, Someone. We as human beings are wired for worship, so the question is, “Who or what are you worshipping?

At St. Rene, we want to help each other grow closer to God; to help each other find Who we’re looking for. We are a parish committed to Faith, Family & Friends, and to welcoming newcomers to our spiritual home. The source and summit of our faith is the celebration of the Eucharist. Growing closer to Jesus brings us closer to one another, and growing closer to one another brings us closer to the Lord. Love God, love one another. It’s why we call it “Communion.”

Thank you for being a part of St. Rene parish. For those not yet a part of our church, please feel welcome to join us. Jesus always meets us where we are at. Yes, even when we feel a little lost, angry at God, or think we are unworthy of God’s love. As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

May St. Rene parish be a place you can take one step closer to God each day.

God bless you!

Fr. Bob Regan